What is JPS?

DSCN0993St. Louis Justice and Peace Shares (JPS) is a collaboration of five local groups with different missions, all committed to nonviolent social change and justice for the poor. Recognizing that competition for funds drains both staff and donors, in 2004 these organizations decided to collaborate on fundraising, education, and training.

Supporters invest “shares” in JPS through regular automatic deductions from their checking accounts (or send checks on a regular schedule without reminders from JPS). These funds are equally distributed to JPS groups monthly. Shareholders are contributing to a wide variety of groups, and receive no further appeal letters from these organizations. JPS groups are freed from constant, last-minute fundraising to focus on the important work for peace and justice.

What Makes JPS Unique?

  • Five locally-based groups, rather than competing, are working as one entity to do collaborative fundraising, educational forums, and training.
  • JPS groups plan to share equipment, health care coverage and resources.
  • Shareholders give regularly, reducing wasted appeal letters, fundraisers, and staff time.